Monday, 20 January 2020

Tips On Dealing With Alt-Financing Firms To Make The Funding Process Easier

There is no denying the fact that every businessman, small, medium, or big requires money for the successful operation and growth of their business. Further, no one can become blindsight to the naked truth that despite the profits, a businessman can feel out of one’s depths during a liquidity crunch.

However, finding money is always an arduous task and a constant challenge. Moreover, the sturdy terms and conditions have made it tough for SMEs to receive funds. The paperwork, the wait, and the uncertainty of the situation is something that does not resonate well with the incoming opportunities.

Albeit all this, alternative financers like Cresthill Capital/Mantis Funding are rising above the ranks and are making it easier for the small business owners to infuse life into their business by injecting money into their venture.

Know your needs:

The first and the very important of any business is to know the answer to these three question一

What do you require?
● What can be afforded?
● Accordingly, how much cash can be pumped?

Before paying a visit to any alternative financer, be it online or offline, a businessman should be able to find relevant answers to these questions.

Once a businessman is through this process and has got an idea of what he wants from his/her financer, then they should look for fixed quotes, look for firms like Cresthill Capital or Mantis Funding that can offer flexible repayment timelines. Further, one should also foresee how this alternative Funding is going to help them pick up after implementing the necessary changes.

Look for the best option in the market.

This industry, alternative Funding, is diverse and vast, thus, making it crucial to give a good time to research before putting pen to paper with any company. Doing research gives the businessman a good view of the market and helps him/her to strike the best possible deal.

Apart from that, a businessman should weigh other funding services of the opted firm. For instance, alt-funding firms like Cresthill Capitals/Mantis Funding have a variety of services at their disposal. Their services include business lines of credit, merchant cash advances, equipment financing, and even working capital funding.

Each service has a different set of terms and timelines. So, researching will help you know your needs and pick the right financing type.

Getting ready beforehand

It is always good to keep your options open by applying to 2-3 different funders. In this way, a businessman makes sure that they have done sufficient to get a call from any of the applied funders so that they can start negotiating terms with the businessman.

Further, going over pages like Cresthill Capital complaints and reviews does help as a pivoting factor while making a decision.

Let’s hope that this guide helps in making the financing process a bit easier. One last thing; do take time and go through the above tips and start looking for various funding firms offers so that there is an even flow in the operations of the venture.

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Alternative Financing To Fuel Your Marketing Reach

If you have a business, you will need to market it to grow your audience base. There is nothing new about it; every business has been doing it since time immemorial. But how you do it is important. While large enterprises and companies can pull out all stops backed by a huge marketing budget, for small businesses, that is hardly possible. Marketing often takes the backseat for small companies because the day-to-day operational costs and overheads are high.

That doesn't mean SMEs need to suffer. While small businesses might not be able to spend lavishly on their marketing, the good news is there are many cost-effective ways to increase your marketing reach. In today's blog, we will talk about those techniques and how Cresthill Capital can help fuel your marketing reach.

Build your digital presence: It won't cost you a fortune, but if done right, you can get amazing reach for your business. To begin with, build a business website that talks about who you are, what you do, and how one can reach out to you. You can either do it yourself if you have website designing and developing knowledge. Or you can hire a web developer to do the task for you for a fee.

Content marketing: Once your website is up and running, start publishing content regularly. Build your digital properties through SEO optimized blogs and social media posts. Engage and provide value to your potential customers. Show your customers how your products can solve their problems. If you are into clothing, restaurant business, or have a product that has a visual appeal, consider engaging with your audience through intriguing photographs. Harness the power of social media.

Online Ads
When you open a website on the internet, perhaps you have seen those small square popups advertising about a business. That is an online ad. It helps you to give your business visibility and reach among potential customers.

Email Marketing
This is another low-cost but high-impact way to increase your reach. With the help of email marketing tools like Mailchimp, you can automate the entire process. Although you need to plan and write content, the rest of everything can be taken care of by the platform. The automatic drip campaign will keep your audience engaged.

How To Fuel Your Marketing Reach?
All of these sound like a plan? Alternative funding is a great way to give your marketing reach a little bit of boost. With a bit of funding, you can gain organic traffic to your website and build a pool of loyal and trusted customers. Want to start? Then we suggest you reach out to any alternative funding lenders and check out the various programs they offer. Cresthill Captial has got some great reviews in the market that you should certainly take a look at.

Cresthill Capital understands how crucial your time is and is committed to processing all your financial queries with topmost priority, always. The company, much like the other reputable alt-lender in the market, offers incredibly hassle-free and very quick funding to small business owners in need of liquidity. If you're skeptical about their products, check Cresthill Capital reviews for first-hand information.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

3 Reasons Why Cresthill Capital Is Perfect For Small Business Finance

Before I started my business, I always thought of business funding as something LARGE and SERIOUS. You only went looking for outside financing when things got tough or when you wanted a huge sum.

Now, after 10 years as a small business owner, I, of course, know better!

Small businesses have small needs, but if we don't get help on time, these can snowball into huge problems! We don't have vast reserves in the bank or have collaterals that can be used in tight times. We usually rely on our revenues to meet our expenses and run our homes, so sometimes even one bad run of luck or extra long off-season can create financial stress on the workings of our businesses.

Here a little bit of liquidity could help enormously. However, until alternative online lenders came into the picture, micro-funding was almost impossible to find! While we are feted as the backbone of the American economy, the truth is that banks don’t want to lend small amounts to small businesses, which leaves most of us no option but to max out our credit cards and lose our credit scores. This, in turn, of course, makes getting approval from banks for funds almost impossible – well, you get the picture, the vicious circle continues.

I thankfully didn’t get stuck in this loop! When I got into a financial fix, I found Cresthill Capital/Mantis Funding.  The buzz around online/alternative lenders had reached me a while back, and I wanted to find more details, but when my 3-month's worth of inventory got soaked and ruined in a pipe burst, I didn't have time to Google around. Some people on my local industry-networking group mentioned that they had never heard any Cresthill Capital complaints, so I dialed them on the spot.

This is my experience with them –

1. They were unexpectedly fast!

I had heard that online lenders are must speedier than banks when it comes to funds approval, but even then, I was surprised at how quickly things moved. From the time I filled the application on Cresthill Capital/Mantis Funding website till the wire transfer to my bank, the whole thing just took  3 business days! And that included submitting paperwork and negotiations.

2. They made the process so easy

For the first time, I felt free of my credit score! There was no one shaking their heads over my less-than-perfect credit rating. They instead looked at my business – the fact that I have run it well for 10 years was all they needed to know. They checked revenue patterns and expenses, and that was it! The excellent team at CrestHill Capital guided me through every step and made the whole experience positive.

3. They gave exactly what I needed

Like I said in the beginning, small businesses have small needs. My requirement wasn’t much either – I was just falling short of $8000 to get my shop in order, and at Cresthill Capital/Mantis Funding, I found just the deal to cover my expenses without getting stuck in a long term contract. I took a merchant cash advance, and the repayment was made as a percentage of my credit/debit card swipes.

For me, Cresthill Capital was god sent! I got hold of them at precisely the right moment, and it felt good to have them by my side during a tough financial period. Not only do I don't have any Cresthill Capital complaints, but I am also now planning to get in touch with them again for a more significant amount to expand my store!

Monday, 11 November 2019

What do small business owners think of Alternative lending companies? Let’s find out.

The last decade has seen a brand new force to enter the financial services industry. Giving serious competition to the traditional banking sector, alternative financing companies are steadily increasing their market share and changing lives and businesses along the way. Globally the total transaction value in the Alternative Financing segment is predicted to touch of US$20,000.2m by 2023. The sector is growing by 14.3% every year!

It stands to reason; they must be doing something right!

While the alt-fin industry caters to the diverse needs of a vast number of individuals and businesses, their biggest impact is on SMEs – small and medium-sized enterprises. So, we spoke to some small business owners to find out what they like most about their alternative lending partners, and this is what they said –

They find online lenders approachable and find that funding is more easily approved.

Many small business owners mentioned the ease of getting funding as their main reason for choosing alt-finance institutions. Credit scores and collaterals are not really deemed critical as business revenue data matters more for online alternative lenders. Some such as the New York-based Cresthill Capital uses credit or debit card swipes to judge the footfall and revenue of a business.

They combine this information with other financial data points to approve funding applications. Cresthill Capital reviews also point to the excellent customer experience they provide to their clients, and this is a point we see repeated over and over again when it comes to alt-fin companies – they are seen as much more helpful and easier to deal with compared to traditional lenders.

They prefer to deal with alt-lending companies when they need money quickly

Business owners know that when the situation demands fast cash, then going to a bank is pointless. The decision process to approve an application can take several weeks with no guarantee of success.

Alt-lenders are much faster! Instead of weeks or months, they wrap up approval processes in days! For example, Cresthill Capital reviews applications, negotiates terms, and wires the money in just 24 hours. This speed is made possible through automated processing systems and an extremely streamlined procedure. Alt-lenders leverage digital tools backed by AI-technology to find behavioral patterns that indicate whether a client is worth the risk.

They also like the fact that they have some control over the negotiations

The third and final reason businesses like dealing with alt-lenders are that they get exactly what they are looking for. Unlike banks where funding slabs are fairly fixed, and there is almost no room for negotiation, alt-fin companies provide extreme personalization.

Cresthill Capital, for example, offers to fund for any amount between $2000 and $250,000. They also provide their clients with a chance to negotiate repayment terms. This flexibility is especially appreciated by small business owners, most of whom need less than $10,000 for their business needs.

The Bottom Line

Alternative Finance is popular because it fills a gap – a gap that was left when banks tightened their purses after the 2008 market crash. Of course, now liquidity is flowing again, but the alt-fin industry is well entrenched and is attracting newer customers and retaining old ones on the strength of their better offers and excellent service. Weighed by tight regulations, even with fintech integrations, banks are not going to get back the customers they lost to alt-fin lenders anytime soon!

Friday, 25 October 2019

Starting Your Business Journey on the Right Note

Even the best business ideas cannot take off unless you have access to fast and flexible funds. Unfortunately, conventional funding institutions like banks, do not consider small funding requests of the SMEs as they usually neither have a good credit score nor any asset as collateral.

This is where an alternative financing company comes into the picture. In order to receive funding for your business from a non-bank financing company, you must ensure that two factors must be strong. Your business expansion concept or plan as well as your revenue stream.

What Non-Bank Lenders Look For?

Non-bank financing companies like Cresthill Capital will take into account your business idea and your capacity to repay the amount requested. Unlike traditional financing institutions, neither past credit history is evaluated nor your assets are accounted for collateral. Your past spending patterns and revenue stream is closely reviewed instead.

When you have a good business plan, it not only highlights the vision of your company but also states how you are going to make enough profit in order to pay back the funds.  According to Cresthill Capital Reviews, they usually analyze the plan and see that it includes market strategies, costs, competitors and also mentions what makes your business valuable to the market.

What Should a First Time Entrepreneur Know?

Usually, running or expanding a small-medium scale business can be a real challenge when it comes to credit scores. It is quite impossible to find an entrepreneur in this world who has always be on top of his/her finances. However, as a first-time business entrepreneur, it is time to realize that your personal credit scores can no more affect your application approval if you’ve chosen alternative financing. If you go through Cresthill capital reviews closely, you can find out very easily that they go beyond the traditional methods of approval.

They rather look into several other nitty-gritty of the business carefully to analyze whether the business owner would be able to repay the debt or not. In such cases, instead of credit scores and collateral, it is the business idea or plan that plays a major role.

That is why, according to the experts, your business expansion or growth plan must be well presented, articulate, organized and convincing. It must include all the strategies that are going to be employed to make the business a success. The plan must also state the costs involved, the money required and how the cash advance is going to be repaid.

You may use corporate documents and financial statements to support your plan. It is very crucial to show that you are passionate about your ideas and committed to your business growth.

Unlike traditional funding institutions, non-bank financing companies like Cresthill capital strive to provide fast, easy, and flexible merchant cash advances for small and medium scale businesses through a simple and uncomplicated process in order that business owners can dare to grow and expand in the global market.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Everything you need to know about Cresthill Capital

The goal of Cresthill Capital is to earn the trust of business owners by helping their business grow and be more successful. They aim to provide financial solutions to small business owners who need funds to avail themselves of big business opportunities. Cresthill Capital believes in giving businesses the capital they need to claim their position in their industry.

What are Cresthill’s target markets?

Crest Hill Capital LLC serves businesses across industries, including small companies. The list of industries on its pre-approval application encompasses a wide scope of trades including accounting, automotive, business services, computers, construction, education, entertainment, finance, franchise, home improvement, hospitality, insurance, law, manufacturing, medical, multi-level marketing (MLM), personal services, real estate, restaurant, retail, technical work, trucking, wholesalers and distributors.

Why is Cresthill perfect for funding?

Most companies offering financial products, even in the fast cash category, limit the high-risk industries they will consider for approval. However, Cresthill capital sets itself apart by declaring high-risk welcome on its application page and including businesses in categories like construction, law, and trucking in its default list. 

Moreover, according to the Cresthill capital customer service, a major part of approving funds is based on recent proof of business revenue. This allows the company to extend cash advance to merchants with bad or even poor credit as long as sales are strong enough.

In light of its generous stacking policy, Crest Hill will also consider lending to companies already carrying multiple credits from other lenders. This makes it just the right forum for small-business funding.

Procedures involved

Applicants wishing to obtain funding from Cresthill are subject to very few guidelines or restrictions. The lender promises to fund all applications meeting their minimal requirements, which include being a U.S. citizen of at least 18 years of age and having enough business cash flow to support repayment of requested amounts.

The application process is standard for the merchant cash advance (MCA) industry and begins with a pre-approval form accessed by clicking the “Apply Now” link at the top of its website page or accessing “apply online for financing” in the Business Owners box on the Cresthill capital customer service homepage.

Applicants must mandatorily provide:

Name and company name
Phone number and email
Website URL
Length of time in business 
Total average monthly revenue (starting at $1 to $10,000)
Average monthly credit card processing volume
Desired amount
Whether the cash advance is needed in one day, one week or one month

Upon submission, an acknowledgment page appears with instructions to wait for an account manager to get in touch. Cresthill uses the information provided to calculate a funding offer and is willing to be flexible in order to close a deal.

The company assures that the process takes only hours, and funds are delivered to the applicant’s business bank account upon acceptance of the offer any difference in which can be clarified at the Cresthill capital complaints menu.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Tired of Applying To Banks For a Business Fund? Try Merchant Cash Advance!

Are you frustrated with banks and other traditional money lenders over your small business working capital needs? It may be time to consider alternative funding solutions such as merchant cash advance offered by Crest Hill Capital LLC.

Need for Alternate Business Funding Solutions
Banks and traditional money lenders view small businesses with poor credit scores as high risk. They may be justified with their evaluation in certain cases but lack of nuance prevents them from providing solutions to worthy customers. Moreover, there’s a lot of red tapes involved in dealing with these traditional money lenders that can obstruct the speedy dispersal of capital to businesses in need. As a small business owner, you need to consider alternate capital funding solutions in the best interests of your business.

How Does Merchant Cash Advance Work?
Cresthill Capital is a company that acts as a platform for a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance is different from funds obtained from banks and works on the principle of future receivables. In this funding model, an MCA lender provides you with a lump sum capital payment.

You repay the amount by remitting a percentage of your sales back to the lender on the basis of accepted terms until you repay the entire advance. The biggest benefit of this funding model is that you don’t need a good credit score to access working capital. However, you do need to provide proof of consistent past and current business revenue.

Get the Assistance You Need
It may be difficult for a small business that’s just starting out to identify reliable MCA lenders on their own. This is where the services of a company like Crest Hill Capital LLC come in handy. After obtaining business information and documentation from a client, Cresthill Capital advisors match small businesses with appropriate funding sources.

They act as facilitators by making an offer for proposed financing. Once a business owner evaluates and accepts an offer, the funds are transferred quickly into the client’s business bank account.

Customer Friendly Solutions
Crest Hill Capital is a preferred service provider in the business working capital industry due to several reasons. For one, businesses do not have to pay any amount for simply applying for working capital from this company. Moreover, this company offers flexible terms and competitive offers that are in the interests of business owners.

They have a fast and efficient approvals process. However, before trying out a new funding solution, it’s best to perform due diligence. You can do this by checking Cresthill Capital reviews on the internet.

Use Advanced Funds as Required
Once you receive funds in your business bank account, you can forget about cash flow worries. Whether you want additional capital for carrying out operational activities such as buying fresh inventory and dispensing salaries and you want to use them for business growth purposes such as building a new storefront or expanding to new locations, you have the freedom to do as you want, provided you pay back a portion of the advanced amount from future sales.

For simple and fast funding solutions, get in touch with Cresthill Capital advisors!