Friday, 4 October 2019

Everything you need to know about Cresthill Capital

The goal of Cresthill Capital is to earn the trust of business owners by helping their business grow and be more successful. They aim to provide financial solutions to small business owners who need funds to avail themselves of big business opportunities. Cresthill Capital believes in giving businesses the capital they need to claim their position in their industry.

What are Cresthill’s target markets?

Crest Hill Capital LLC serves businesses across industries, including small companies. The list of industries on its pre-approval application encompasses a wide scope of trades including accounting, automotive, business services, computers, construction, education, entertainment, finance, franchise, home improvement, hospitality, insurance, law, manufacturing, medical, multi-level marketing (MLM), personal services, real estate, restaurant, retail, technical work, trucking, wholesalers and distributors.

Why is Cresthill perfect for funding?

Most companies offering financial products, even in the fast cash category, limit the high-risk industries they will consider for approval. However, Cresthill capital sets itself apart by declaring high-risk welcome on its application page and including businesses in categories like construction, law, and trucking in its default list. 

Moreover, according to the Cresthill capital customer service, a major part of approving funds is based on recent proof of business revenue. This allows the company to extend cash advance to merchants with bad or even poor credit as long as sales are strong enough.

In light of its generous stacking policy, Crest Hill will also consider lending to companies already carrying multiple credits from other lenders. This makes it just the right forum for small-business funding.

Procedures involved

Applicants wishing to obtain funding from Cresthill are subject to very few guidelines or restrictions. The lender promises to fund all applications meeting their minimal requirements, which include being a U.S. citizen of at least 18 years of age and having enough business cash flow to support repayment of requested amounts.

The application process is standard for the merchant cash advance (MCA) industry and begins with a pre-approval form accessed by clicking the “Apply Now” link at the top of its website page or accessing “apply online for financing” in the Business Owners box on the Cresthill capital customer service homepage.

Applicants must mandatorily provide:

Name and company name
Phone number and email
Website URL
Length of time in business 
Total average monthly revenue (starting at $1 to $10,000)
Average monthly credit card processing volume
Desired amount
Whether the cash advance is needed in one day, one week or one month

Upon submission, an acknowledgment page appears with instructions to wait for an account manager to get in touch. Cresthill uses the information provided to calculate a funding offer and is willing to be flexible in order to close a deal.

The company assures that the process takes only hours, and funds are delivered to the applicant’s business bank account upon acceptance of the offer any difference in which can be clarified at the Cresthill capital complaints menu.

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